Hi all! It’s been requested a few times to post our medication card template! So, we figured we’d include our Word template for how we format our med cards with all the information spaces that we are required to know!

Click on the link below:

drug card template

Here is an example of what one of our completed cards looks like:


img_7473    img_7474

P.S: we buy coloured cue cards so that we can colour coordinate the classes of drugs! For example, our red cards are cardiac drugs, and our yellow cards are infection-related drugs.

P.P.S: We hole punch all our cards so that we can have them easily accessible on a ring for clinical! They also fit perfectly in our scrub pants! We find that having them ring bound makes it easy to pick and choose the specific medications to have on us for our patient assignment that day! Any will do, but the ones we use are found here!

Best of luck!

-Delanie, Sydney, & Leia ♥♥♥



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